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Current Match Spotlight: Peter and Tyler

April 1, 2019 News

Peter and Tyler I was pumped I got matched with Tyler at Match Night. We’ve been matched for 6 months. We first bonded at Launch....

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Meet Our Community with Jordan

March 21, 2019 News

Jordan Lee, CfY Mentor I got involved with CfY because I had a college friend who had been a mentor for five years or so...

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Meet the Family Group – Sarah Choy

March 15, 2019 News

Sarah’s Family Group (Not pictured: Emil and Carl)  The Family Group component of CfY is one of the main times during our years together where...

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Meet Our Community with Donnalyn

March 6, 2019 News

I found out about CfY through one of my friends. What drew me in was the fact that there was a mentor to support you...

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CfY Welcomes Two New Board Members

March 1, 2019 News

Seattle, WA – Community for Youth announces the appointment of two new members of its Board of Directors. Joining the Board of Directors are Andrew...

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