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“I got into this to try to help a young person along. Somehow, he ended up helping me along just as much.” – Richard, CfY Mentor

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“Before CfY, I would have never interacted with a majority of the people from my school. Now I have friendships that will last a lifetime.” – Alexus, CfY Student

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What We Do

Community for Youth (CfY) inspires and supports the social, emotional, and academic development of students through mentoring, learning experiences, and a powerful community. Through activities and conversations that are youth-centric and youth-led, students explore issues that impact them. Caring adults act as trusted advocates and opportunity brokers so youth can set and achieve their goals, explore career options and improve their community through service learning.

How We Work

In addition to one-on-one sessions, our students and mentors meet monthly in small Family Groups of seven to eight pairs, as well as in Learning Communities of 40 pairs, for directed workshops that help our students build confidence, determination, and self-awareness.

We provide mentors with a support system, too, with monthly mentor-only meetings and workshops that give them the tools to succeed as mentors.

CfY Values

Community Centered – We belong to a larger community. We work together to support, influence and improve our community.

Student Leadership – Students are capable, powerful, resilient, knowledgeable, and have much to teach adults. Students have power, voice, and choice in all aspects of the program. Adults are opportunity brokers and guides to student leaders.

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion – Youth and adults are partners and collaborators in working to disrupt inequity and oppression for personal and social change.

Integrity – We speak and act with integrity to build and maintain trust. We are committed to bringing our best selves to this work because it matters.

Not School, Not Work – Our program is active, fun and engaging on topics relevant to school, work, and life.

Transformation – We work together to learn from data, best practices and each other to transform ourselves, CfY, and our community.

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