Student Testimonials

“Joining CfY has been one of the best things I have done, as I’ve made new friends and become part of a nicely knit community.”

August, CfY Student

“I know joining CFY has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I am forever grateful for having an amazing opportunity.”

Malyun, CfY Student

“When I was involved with CfY, I was able to befriend people of various ages such as the mentors and the other peers of my school. Because of these relationships, even during high school, CfY inspired me to put myself in a mentor-like role by joining Team Read. It also made me wonder if there might be more occurrences where I can inspire other people like what Odessa, my mentor, has done for me.”

Ruby Tsoi, CfY Alumni

“CfY gave me the opportunity to seek guidance from adults who want the best for me, and to meet other students around my age who I can build relationships with. CfY offers a place where kids can go and feel comfortable with who they are and express themselves without feeling judged.”

Kiddus McLeod, CfY Alumni