Mentor Testimonials

“I have a tremendous amount of appreciation and gratitude for CfY – for teaching me about trusting myself and reconnecting with my inner strength. There is strength in numbers within CfY, and I’m so proud to be part of it.”

Tiffany Chen, CfY Mentor

“My experiences with CfY have shown me that when people commit to connecting and come back week after week, friendships form and understanding grows.”

Chris Ewing, CfY Mentor

“Family group gatherings are one of the many traditions within CFY which help both students and mentors develop positive relationships and strengthen our values. As a 4th-year mentor family groups have allowed me to venture into activities I never knew I would be interested in; they also give me the courage and incentive to try things I’m curious about like singing karaoke.”

Mohammed Adeeyo, CfY Mentor

“My experience with CfY has opened my eyes to how many people, especially young people, want to get involved and help others as mentors. I also realized how many incredible young students that have so much to offer are looking for (and needing) the support and friendship of others. The combination of incredible people wanting to help and incredible people looking & needing help works”

Roger Lorenze, CfY Mentor